K3OPS Transforms Waves Into Electricity

K3OPS Transforms Waves Into Electricity

French chemist Antoine de Lavoisier stated a very simple principle: nothing is lost, nothing is created, and everything is transformed. The two creator of this technology applied the famous formula of Albert Einstein: E = MC² (the energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the speed of the light). This means that each object can turn into energy and vice versa. Today, all eyes are on Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, even though it was barely out the gate, they already generated significant buzz in both print and online media. This is partly because the company unleashed a publicity blitzkrieg but also because of its pedigree since the two inventors awarded Top Engineering Inventions for their devices that convert electromagnetic fields into energy to power small electronic devices. So naturally their latest endeavor was saddled with the dubious honor of being named the real “game changer”. Dubious honor because the title comes with some pretty high expectations. Can any technology really challenge energy companies that rule the world for more than a century?

K3OPS just unveiled their latest product and it is the epitome of lightness and technology and by far the most efficient, sophisticated RF Energy Harvesting system ever conceived. It permits a two-state quantum-mechanical communication between the nodes to dispatch information and energy via intelligent nano-controller to offer an endless supply of clean energy. This cable free device requires no maintenance and no replacement parts. Embedded ultra-thin layers of silicon dioxide on its meta-surface as dielectric material, endowed different sizes of nano-rectennas made of magnesium fluoride, boosted with Carbon nanotube filled with Boron able to deliver a constant voltage. This breakthrough technology can operate any home appliances such as television that require 230V for 170W consumption.

“The whole intellectual approach of K3OPS (pronounced Cheops in reference to the second pharaoh of the 4th Egypt dynasty), said Alexandre DESPALLIERES, is: If it takes energy to create waves then the waves can create energy. The next phase of the campaign will be more educative centric ads encompassing energy transition since the goal of energy transition is to improve the quality of life while contributing to a sustainable society.”

Jun YUAN forged strong partnerships with major corporations, including energy companies and declared:

“This technology will change the life of many people just considering Southeast Asia; we can provide energy on the move. Electricity it’s vitally and cannot be a luxury.”

On his side Xin WEI insisted in a crucial point:

“Our solutions help to relieve existing networks, these alternatives cannot in any case claim to replace them, but they complement in the interests of consumers. We discovered with the use of meta-materials, some singularities that we name ‘Quantum Skipping Effect’. Ultimately, our technology reduces polluting power generation while respecting the architecture of the network.”

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