Hi! I'm Aimal Khan,
An Energy Engineer, Freelancer & Entrepreneur
CEO & Founder of TechLinu.com

I am an Energy Engineer by profession and an Entrepreneur by passion, 21 years of age. I have been working as a freelance web developer for almost 5 years now and I will be glad in helping you create your next awesome project.


I have worked on several small and big projects since 2013 and have a solid experience in Web Development, SEO & Digital Marketing. Here are a few projects I have been up to:



Bachelor Degree - Kandahar University

2016 - 2020

Currently I am taking my Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering from Kandahar University.

Certificate Degree - Zahir Shahi High School

2003 - 2015

I have successfully completed my High School at Zahir Shahi High School (ZSHS) in Kandahar City.

Diploma Degree - Adabi Technology Institute

2008 - 2012

I have done diploma in Computers, IT & Web Development at Adabi Technology Institute in Kandahar City.


PHP 90%
JavaScript 80%
HTML5 /CSS3 95%
JQuery 75%
WordPress 95%
Joomla 70%
SEO 95%
Digital Marketing 90%


HTML5 - Elements

HTML5 - Elements

UX - Designing

UX - Designing | Aimal


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Contact E-mail: info@techlinu.com